Why I Climb


On March 15th, 2019  I will be flying to Katmandu Nepal to begin my expedition to climb the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest which stands at 29,035ft (8350m). I will be climbing with the local Nepali guide company Adventure Alternative Nepal based out of Katmandu. The expedition will take approximately 65 to 70 days. I will be attempting the South Eastern Route up Everest which originates out of Nepal. There is much training and preparation that goes into successfully summiting Everest. Unlike my previous expeditions to Aconcagua and Denali my training approach will adapt to the extreme altitude that sets Everest apart from all other mountains.

I have Made Mountaineering a way of life for me. It stems from my earlier time in Boy Scouts mixed with my love for the mountains. Life’s natural progression has evolved my desire into challenging myself and climbing bigger and more beautiful peaks. I find sheer joy and pleasure in mountaineering. But mountaineering can be a selfish act. Other mountaineers have realized it too and is a reason many climb to support particular causes to help others as I have done. I discovered that people find my climbing to be inspirational. I decided to put this inspiration to use by raising donations for a cause I felt is important. This will be my third year promoting my campaign, Climb Against Cancer. I intend to raise donations once again for Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach.

Climb Against Cancer

Climbing Everest has always been a personal life long dream of mine which eventually turned into a reality for me. I am honored with such an opportunity to give back to others through my campaign, Climb Against Cancer. I have found a deeper meaning with my life through mountaineering. Not only has it given me a challenge, but it has also taught me much about myself, as well as others. Because of this I want to give back . Climb Against Cancer will help fund Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach.

This Community support offers free programs for cancer patients, their families, and their loved ones. The goal of this support program is to help as many cancer patients as possible to recover from the physical and emotional effects of this dreadful disease.  I had experience of a close friend who was diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to help her anyway I could but didn’t know where to start. In the confusion and anguish of not knowing who to turn to I discovered Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach who gave us the support and confidence to fight.

The Community let us know we weren’t alone. Climb Against Cancer raises funds to support the over 200 invaluable programs the Redondo Beach Cancer Support Center has to offer. This will be the 3rd year that I will continue this campaign for the center. I have found it’s not about our personal summits we attain in life, but more how we take from our accomplishments to give back to others.

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