2/1/19: With only two months to go training has transitioned to mountain specific cardio (i.e. stairs with weighted pack, 30% treadmill incline walking, beach run tire drags, and mountain hikes with, and without weighted pack) . I have the majority of my equipment and will be soon posting a short video highlighting some of the gear I will be taking with me on the expedition.

3/10/19: The expedition departure date to Everest Base Camp has been postponed until April 8th because I had to be attached to another expedition’s permit after the other members of the expedition cancelled. Mr Ihaka Chiri Sherpa and I will be attached to the Seven Summit Treks expedition and using their logistics.

3/11/19: My good friend Adam Cobb, an inspirational life coach, had me on his recent podcast, “8 Days a Week”. It was a great experience being able to talk with him about my preparations for Climbing Everest. We also dig much deeper into living that 8 day a week lifestyle. If you care to listen in here is the link to Adam’s podcast 8 days a Week. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/8-days-a-week-with-coach-adam-cobb/id1207978261?mt=2

3/14/19: Sponsorship: With a noble cause such as Climb Against Cancer comes noble sponsors. Ground Pounder Coffee wished to assist in raising donations for Climb Against Cancer soely on their belief in the mission to support the fight against cancer. Climb Against Cancer was founded because a loved one of mine at the time was diagnosed with cancer. Jim Hart, the founder of Ground Pounder Coffee has had the same experience, which is why he is passionate and driven in his sponsorship of Climb Against. It has been an honor and experience working with Ground Pounder Coffee. Their effort and support is beyond reproach. They are the designer of the decals awarded to those who donate $20 or more to the cause, along with promoting Climb Against Cancer on their website. but aside from all that their coffee is AMAZING! I will never settle for mediocre coffee again after drinking their roasts. The roast “Adventure” will be accompanying on my expedition. if you are a coffee drinker like myself check them out. https://www.groundpoundercoffee.com/

4/2/19: Today I flew into Hong Kong from Los Angeles to begin the Journey. I will land in Kathmandu on 4/3/19 around 8 pm. I was informed that I will be leaving on 4/8/19 with Seven Summit Treks for Everest bass camp via a short flight to Lukla. This estimates me getting to base camp by 4/15/19.

5/16/19: Summited Everest at 6:19 AM. On May 15th at 7:00 PM began my summit day. I left from Camp 4 that evening making it to the summit the following morning, then back down to Camp 4 around 11:00 AM.

5/27/19: Flew from Katmandu Back to Los Angeles California

7/16/19: After much thought about the infamous question, “whats next?’, which every mountaineer receives after returning from a summit I have decided to take Climb Against Cancer back to Denali for a 3rd attempt to reach the summit. the message I would like to get across to my supporters as well as those CAC supports is to never give up. If you fail, fail forward, learn, get back up, and try again until there is nothing left. it is the one lesson I have learned in mountaineering that can be applied to everyone in life. stay tuned for Denali 2020.

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